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Little Finger Green Tea, Thai Nguyen (Trà Đinh)

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$18.50 / 50g / 1.76 Oz
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$ 18.50/  50g/1.76 oz

Using only the shoot from the tea plant this is a fine, handmade tea. The tender leaf shoot on the tea bush resembles the little finger. The tea in the north of Vietnam is handpicked and wood roasted. From Tan Cuong in the Thai Nguyen province, Tra Dinh is shaded from the sun and harsh winter winds by the mountains of Tam Dao and Than Lan. This tea is delicate and fragrant. After a steeping time of 30 seconds to up to 2 minutes the pale green liquor produces a subtle flavour that stays pleasantly on the tongue long afterwards. A white tea roasted like a green. Can use 5 times.

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